Amazonian Mushrooms

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Amazonian Mushrooms

Some believe a specimen of the Golden Teacher mushroom was discovered in the expansive everglades in Florida, appearing initially throughout the mid 1980’s. Word spread around fast, generally because of the recognizable golden caps with yellow speckles on it. Compared to various other Psilocybe Cubensis varieties, the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are rather big and also classy in its appearance.

There is a tale that the Golden Teacher was in fact the  Hawaiian PES, renamed by a Dutch farmer, since: “sometimes ideal before the shrouds break when the primordia are at their biggest size prior to ending up being fully grown, the whole shroom can have a gold yellow-colored color which disappears when maturation begins to set in.

One of the more popular, yet harder to find strains. The Amazonian mushrooms got it’s name obviously from the Amazon jungle in Brazil.

It is an exceptional strain if you are searching for an intense visual journey with your mates. Taking 1g to 3 g of this powerful magic mushroom can really take you a long way.

Degeneration of worry and fear. As well as lightens up a person’s mood. The shroom mixes sound with visuals, songs with shapes and visions, as well as produces intense hallucinations. This is for moderate trippers.

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Amazonian mushrooms are an ancient strain that originated in the Amazon rainforest. It is unknown which mycologist first obtained this variety, however it has been domesticated for more than 50 years. Amazonian shrooms are noted to be meaty and dense. Because of its sluggish fruiting, it is not the simplest variety to commercially grow.

According to our staff, Amazonian shrooms offer an excellent blend of colorful sights and spiritual experience. It is recommended for an intensive visual trip with close pals or for a party with a lower dosage. Some users have stated that this strain stimulated them enough to get up and dance!


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